What Is An Energy Management System?

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Managing energy usage is a concern for all business owners who are searching for effective ways to save money and minimize their impact on the environment. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint and lowering your operating costs requires you to put energy management systems in place that allows you to monitor, control and conserve energy.

Energy conservation is a hot topic right now because the world’s fossil fuel resources are dwindling. By saving energy, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuel. Doing this allows you to save money as energy costs continue to rise.

The first thing you should do is implement systems that allow you to collect data about your company’s energy usage. There was a time reading your meter once a month or once a week was the best way to gather information about when and how your company uses energy. The problem with that is the data offered no information about how much energy a company was using throughout the day and on different days of the week. Now there is sophisticated interval-metering equipment that can gather data every 15 minutes. Having this kind of detailed data makes it easier to see exactly when you are wasting the most energy.

In many cases, you do not even have to invest any money to control usage. Implementing routines requiring your employees to turn the heating and air system and business equipment off at night and during the weekends when the building is empty can greatly reduce your energy usage.

Analyzing interval data allows you immediately identify waste without having to spend time an effort to patrol the building just to verify that equipment is turned off. If you are having trouble receiving cooperation from your employees, timers can do the job automatically. If your data shows that you are still using a lot of energy, you can consider upgrading equipment to more energy efficient models or adding insulation to prevent heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer.

Business owners who implement an effective energy management system can reduce overhead costs and increase profits. At the same time, they are doing what is right to save our planet’s valuable natural resources.

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