Use of Filters in HVAC Performance

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Many people are not aware that filters play a crucial role in ensuring good performance of an HVAC system. It not only keeps the equipment in a good condition but also keeps the people healthy by filtering the dirty air out of it. An inefficient filter can minimize the cooling capacity and can also create control problems by wasting more energy. It is thus important to buy a quality filter which is long lasting and performs with low airflow resistance. A good filter usually helps to reduce the dust and the foreign particles getting accumulated on the HVAC ducts and evaporator coils which may impact its performance. Read this article to know more about the use of filters in HVAC performance.


When the dust particles get clogged in the system due to ineffective filters, the blower and the compressor has to work hard to circulate the air which in due course of time would heat up the entire system and lead to failure of the cooling modes. The dust particles stick to the coils and ducts and do not allow the heat to get transferred between the air and the coil coolant. A quality air filter present in your HVAC system helps you breathe fresh by preventing foreign particles, dusts and allergens from getting circulated in your home.  Learn more about indoor air quality here


Now-a-days, there are also electrostatic filters and electronic air cleaners available that are more efficient and also need not be replaced frequently like the usual filters. The Department of Energy from the US Government has certified the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters as being very efficient in removing dust particles. Thus these filters are widely used in the HVAC systems in research labs and hospitals. It is important to check the efficiency rating before purchasing filters for your HVAC system. There are many types of HVAC filters used for commercial and residential uses.


Electrostatic filters, Electronic filters, pleated filters, Fiberglass Panel filters and Media Air filters are the most common types used for residential purposes. Bag filters, HEPA filters, Rigid Cell filters, and Automatic Roll filters along with the filters that are used for residential purposes can also be used for commercial purpose. Usually, a medium efficiency filter is suitable for businesses and homes but in case there are people suffering from allergies, it is important to use high efficient filters. The high efficient filters would be more moisture-resistant which prevents the growth of bacteria and molds in the filter and thus ensures best performance of the HVAC system. 

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