Thank The States For The Advances In Energy Efficiency

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It is easy to see how far energy efficiency has come over the last several years in the US. What many people do not know is that this is the result of the states working together. More specifically, the governors of the states have been working together. Their organization is the NGA, National Governor’s Association and they have released a new paper outlining the progress of energy efficiency.
The paper goes on to outline the different ways that the governors have helped make energy efficiency more prevalent in this country. The biggest way they do this is by working with legislators and other groups to help make a difference. Some of the things they do when meeting with these groups includes:

* Holding energy planning meetings where they will look at possible ways to save energy and the best options.

* Finding ways of improving energy efficiency rules and standards for buildings as well as appliances people use.

* Offering utility companies incentive spending to help improve energy efficiency.

* Finding ways that information technology can help with energy efficiency.

* The governors also have partnerships with universities and research groups that are working to advance energy efficiency in order to show their support.

These are just some of the ways that governors are helping make our energy consumption lower. Even before this, part of the job as a governor has been to support efforts that help the people save money on energy consumption, lower the amount of energy expenditure spent by the state, reduce environmental impact and even help to keep the need for power plant dependency lower.
One thing in this paper is clear: Governors recognize the benefits of energy efficiency in their states. Even the governor of Hawaii states in the paper that he understands the needs for the state to find ways to help consumers lower their energy costs is a great way to do this. These savings also help businesses. With this, energy efficiency can also go a long way to helping save the state money, which is essential as many states have seen their debts rise as the recession hit the country several years back.

It is easy to see that this collaboration between the governors is helping the people of this country as well as the economy. As new ways to increase energy efficiency arise, there is less money that is spent on energy, which equals savings for everyone.

If you want to find out more about what the NGA does, then you should visit Here you will be able to see not only how the governors are involved in energy efficiency initiatives, but other things they are working on as well. The main thing they work with is energy, environment and transportation best practices as a way to help the states.

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