Seven Little Things That Help You Save on the AC Bill

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We know that if you are like most people, you don’t like to waste money. And since that is the case, you wouldn’t mind hearing about some ways in which you could actually have more of it at the end of month just by doing a few simple things.

These don’t necessarily all involve your air conditioner, but they impact the amount of heat and energy you are able to conserve and help you save on the bills.

  1. Think about using your microwave instead of a stove. Remember that stoves throw off a lot of heat, which makes it harder for your air conditioner to work in your home. It also uses up less energy, so it is a savings in a couple of ways.
  2. Consider turning up the thermostat to 85 degrees when you are not in the house, or turning off the AC completely.
  3. Try not to run kitchen appliances during the day, when the level of heat is the highest. We know that is impossible to avoid completely, but there are indeed certain things you can do to schedule more wisely. For example, if you are going to wash dishes, you may want to consider doing that during the evening, since you can be somewhat flexible with it.
  4. Get your arms around the idea of changing the air filter in the AC once a month. That means you are going to have to remember to check it relatively often. Can you do that? If you can, it will help you to operate the AC in a cleaner fashion. Let that air flow!
  5. Do you know what a solar window screen is? If you don’t, find out about it, and see if you can install one. This can go a long way toward helping shield your home from the sun’s rays, which keeps your air conditioner from having to labor too much.
  6. Make sure that you have sufficient insulation in your attic. This is an area that heat comes through, since the roof, after all, is the part of your house that is closest to being hit directly by the sun.
  7. Do you have a grill outside? Why don’t you consider doing a little more grilling on the patio and less inside the house. Why? because if you are going to generate heat, you’d rather not make the house hotter. Hey, it’s going to be really nice out this summer. get some fresh air outside, and put yourself in a position where you can breathe fresher air when you go inside!
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