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Many people don’t recognize how many impurities are in their home air. We recognize the difference well managed indoor air quality can make on your health and comfort. Improving the air quality inside your home may be the best choice you ever make for your family. At Airmaxx, we offer a number of products that can bring your home to a whole new level of clean comfort.

The Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Management

For those who suffer from allergies, you know how little it takes to set off a torrent of sneezes and wheezes. As much as 30% of the world’s population suffers from allergy related hay fever. Most reactions stem from contact with pollen, animal dander, dust, mold spores, or other microscopic debris. While you can’t escape every allergic trigger everywhere you go, your home should be a place of solace from all the sneezy suffering. With proper air filtration and ventilation (in addition to regular cleaning and dusting), your home can go from a prison to a paradise for your sinuses.

Everyone knows that the key to being healthy, reducing stress, and even controlling weight levels is getting enough quality sleep. Studies have shown that REM sleep is much more easily achieved when you are able to breath well. An air quality management system purifies the air so you can breath easier and sleep more deeply. This doesn’t just improve sleep quality, it also helps improve breathing throughout the entire day – which means less stress on your body and higher energy levels. Not only that, but by purifying the air you remove toxins and bacteria from your home atmosphere which decreases your risk of getting sick.

You may have pets or perhaps a housemate who loves refried beans. Whatever the cause, pungent aromas can make any home less cozy and unnecessarily unpleasant. Potpourri sprays can mask the smell and HEPA filters can help clean the air, but neither is very effective at eradicating foul odors. To remove the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause bad odors, you need a special electronic or UV filtration system. Lucky for you, Airmaxx knows the secrets of air purification for an odor-free home.

Most people don’t think about humidity (the amount of water in the air). However, humidity levels have a huge impact on the comfort of your home. A home that is too humid will feel stuffy, promote mold growth, and can even increase dust mite and other insect populations. Conversely, a home with too little humidity will feel dry and will be harder on skin and hair while increasing static shocks and even nosebleeds. For the optimum level of comfort in a home, balancing humidity is a must.

It may surprise you, but having cleaner air can actually lower your energy costs. Dirty, unfiltered air can introduce more contaminants into an HVAC system, causing it to break down more rapidly. Likewise, more impurities in the air coupled with imbalanced humidity will make a home feel less comfortable, inspiring occupants to run the HVAC system more constantly – which puts more long-term stress on the system and increases regular bills. Products like an Energy Recover Ventilator are designed to improve air quality while reducing the overall energy requirements of and stress to your HVAC system. Imagine that: you can increase the life of your HVAC system and even lower your energy bills all while having cleaner air in your home.

Air Quality Management Tools

As an authorized Carrier dealer, we offer a number of the industry’s best options for home air quality management. From tools to control humidity to state-of-the-art filtration systems – we have what you need. Our representatives can help guide you to create the system that is best for you and your home. Here’s a few of the types of products we offer for your indoor air quality management needs:

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