How To Detect A Faulty Furnace

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A furnace is a heating system used in the home to keep home owners and their families comfortable during the winter season. A furnace can operate with a fuel source such as gas or oil. This unit is perfect for warmth and comfort in the home but must be maintained for workability as well as safety issues. It is important for home owners with a furnace to be able to detect when their unit is faulty. Below are a few tips on how to detect a faulty furnace.

Temperature Issues
One way to detect a faulty furnace is with temperature issues. If you find that some rooms in your home are colder than others, you may have an issue. If your thermostat is set for a certain temperature but your unit does not kick on and work properly, you may have an issue. You can try checking your thermostat to see if it is the problem but you may have a larger issue at hand such as wiring or connections.

If your furnace starts to make noises that are uncommon, you will want to have it serviced. It is important that the unit be checked right away for major issues. Your unit may be on the verge of a total breakdown which can be very costly.

Gas or Oil Leak
If you begin to smell a gas or oil like smell around your furnace, then you need to shut the unit off immediately and get out of the home. Once you are outside, call a gas company or your local technician to have them check your unit. The gas will need to be shut off and the unit checked for a leak. This can be a safety hazard as your unit could catch fire or you could have ventilation issues with vapors and other chemicals.

If you are constantly calling for a repair man to check your furnace, then you most likely have a faulty unit. You may want to consider having your unit replaced with a newer, more efficient model. You will be able to enjoy the savings from an energy efficient model but will also be doing away with the hassle of calling someone every few weeks to assess your faulty unit.

No Air Flow
If you are moving around your home and you determine that you have no air flow from your vents, then your furnace may have an issue. If you check your duct work and it is connected, then your unit may have shut off or is not working. This means the unit is faulty and has a problem that needs to be checked. Take the time to have the unit serviced fully to determine what the issue is and have it fixed.

Overall, it is very important for home owners to have their furnace systems inspected on a regular basis. Maintenance service and regular inspections will ensure that your unit is working as it should. If any repairs are needed, they can be attended to so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your furnace.

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