How to Clean a Gas Boiler

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A gas boiler is an essential part of many homes across the world. Gas boilers are a way for home owners to heat their home efficiently and affordably. It is important for home owners to be able to take care of their gas boiler so the unit will last as long as it can. One way for home owners to be able to take care of their unit is to clean it on a regular basis. The unit should be cleaned at least once a year and we will describe the cleaning process below.

Tools Needed

First, you will need to gather the tools you need to clean the unit. You will need the following items for cleaning:
Cleaning brushes (long)
Screw driver set
Getting Ready

Now it is time to get the unit ready for cleaning. First you will need to turn off the emergency shut off switch. Be sure to perform the cleaning process before the heating season begins or right after, so the unit is not in need right after cleaning.


Now you are ready to begin the cleaning process. After you have turned the unit off, it is important to wait for the unit to cool. After the unit has cooled off, the front cover needs to be removed as well as the vent stack. This will give you access to the heat exchanger portion of the unit.


Now you are ready to begin cleaning. Use a cleaning brush and clean the fins of the unit all the way down to the very bottom of the unit. You can use a small flashlight if needed to be able to see the very bottom of the unit.
You will also need to clean the tubes of the nit and then remove the burner tubes from the unit to wash and clean them. These tubes need to be completely dry before they are returned to the unit.


Now you are ready to use the vacuum. Use the vacuum to clean the bottom of the unit as well as the outside. The vacuum is perfect for removing dust and other particles from the unit. Once this process is complete, you are ready to put the unit back together.

Putting Unit Back Together

Now you can replace the top panel as well as the vent pipe of the unit. The burner tubes can be put back in place and make sure that everything is lined back up and in the proper position. You may also have to relight the unit, if the unit requires manually relighting. If so, get the unit relit and ready for use.

Now you are ready to turn the power back on and the thermostat needs to be placed all the way up so the boiler cycle can begin. This way, you will be able to see if the unit is ready to work properly.

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