Difference Between Electric and Gas Boilers

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Many people use boilers to heat their homes. When it comes to boilers the main difference in the type that you can select is the type of fuel used to operate the boiler. Two of the main fuel types used to operate boilers are electricity and natural gas.

Heating your home in the cold winter months is a priority for most families. Choosing the right fuel to heat your home can have a great impact on both your money and your environment. Two of the most common fuels used to for furnaces are electricity and natural gas. Be sure to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Electricity and gas use different processes to fuel boilers. Natural gas uses a combustion process using a pilot light and an igniter to ignite the gas into heat. The heat produced by the ignited gas is forced into the home with fans and pushed through vents. This process also requires an exhaust vent to the exterior of the building for expel combustion gases and draw in fresh air.

Electric furnaces operate on electricity as the only energy for producing heat. Electricity is produced by a power plant and transferred using wires. As electricity is passed into a furnace heat will be produced in a heating element such as a coil. As air passes over the coil, it grows warm. This heated air is then pushed into the interior space. Since there is no combustion, no exhaust vent is needed.

Gas-powered furnaces traditionally provide a more efficient heating system relative to the cost. Efficient home heating helps protect the environment.

Electric heating can require less maintenance for homeowners and prevent them from having to install a gas line into their homes. Also, natural gas may not be available in all locations.

Natural gas requires a gas line or a gas tank to provide natural gas to your home. This process can very expensive and not always easy. Having to go through this installation process could increase the upfront costs of your gas furnace. The exhaust system for a gas system must also be carefully maintain to prevent fires and to avoid your family being exposed to toxic combustion gases.

Electric furnaces on the other hand are one of the most expensive ways to heat your home and can be inefficient. Even though all of the electricity used is converted to heat in many electric units, the plant where electricity is produced most likely uses coal and creates much pollution and is inefficient only converting 30 percent of power produced into electricity.

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