Airmaxx Air Conditioning: Repair Service Calls

Categories: ac installation

When your air conditioning system shuts down, you need to put in a service call for a repair job as soon as you can. This tends to happen often in the summer, when the units are used the hardest, which is, unfortunately, the worst time for these breakdowns to occur. During a California heat wave, you could be very uncomfortable or even at risk – heat waves are known to cause a lot of health issues if you do not get any relief. Thankfully, the steps to take are fairly simple.


First of all, you should try to see what you can learn about the problem yourself. Depending on the unit that you have, there could be telltale signs and signals, such as LED lights that blink at a certain rate to tell you what the problem is. If you cannot figure it out yourself, that’s fine; Airmaxx technicians will definitely be able to do it for you. However, any background information that you can gather will make the job easier and faster, which is exactly what you want.

Next, you will be able to get a free AC repair estimate. The serviceman will need to come to your home to inspect the unit and tell you what needs to be done; if you have figured out what the problem is, you may be able to get an estimate for that job over the phone. You are under no obligation to hire the serviceman or buy anything at all from the company. The quote should include everything that is needed for AC repair, from all of the parts that need to be installed or ordered to the labor that will need to be done.

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