4 Tips for Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

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It may be a difficult decision to decide whether you should repair or replace your AC unit. It can be a tricky decision but if you weigh the different problems then you can easily decide which is best for you. Sometimes a replacement AC unit is needed because the home owner will benefit more from it. Other times, the unit does not need to be replaced and can simply be repaired easily. Here are some tips to decide whether or not you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit.


When deciding whether to repair or replace the unit you need to consider the age of the unit itself. Most units only last for 8 to 12 years and are normally recommended to be changed every 7. Once they hit their life expectancy they often become very costly to repair and will cost a chunk of change. A lot of time a 10 year old air conditioner will require parts that are discontinued or no longer made. You need to consider the age of your unit when deciding whether to repair it. If it is only a couple or a few years old then you should repair it but anything above 5-6 years should probably just be replaced.


You can judge the repairing or replacement of the unit on the efficiency of that unit. Just because you completely restore your unit does not mean it will be more efficient. The only way to have an efficient unit is to buy a more efficient unit. Even if you have your unit restored, it will only reach the maximum efficiency of the manufacturer. In this case it is often more times than not better to just by a more efficient unit instead of messing around with the old one.


Consider the condition of your unit when deciding to repair or replace it. If the unit is in bad condition and does not hold up well and has many issues then a replacement may be around the corner. You have to weigh the prices comparison as well. If the unit needs a lot of repairs it could end up costing as much as a new unit. In this instance it is important to consider the effectiveness and also condition of your unit. If the repairs are minor then they are worth fixing. If they are going to be costly repairs then a replacement should be looked into.


If your AC is having cooling problems it more than likely just needs a simple repair. Do not consider replacement until you have tried everything else. Normally the air filter or low Freon levels can be attributed to a problem in cooling.

It is important to weigh the options of all sides before deciding to repair or replace your current system. You decision should be based on the unit itself and also money. In most cases it is going to be more beneficial to go ahead and just replace the unit.

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